Serena Viola Corson is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Tallahassee, Florida. She was born in 1996 on the beach in North Carolina, but moved around the nation several times growing up with her single mom due to financial instability and the 2009 recession. In 2010, they found a home in a small timeless town on the East Coast of Central Florida.

     Serena's paintings explore the relationships between women and non-binary people trying to survive under the many agonizing forms of modern life amidst the perishing environment. Her art centers moments of collective joy, platonic pleasure and radical friendships. The mostly feminine-presenting figures Serena paints are always uncensored.  These figures are either self-references or inspired directly by friends and community members.

     In a time where it's hard to imagine alternative structures of human society, she also seeks to present a multiplicity of possible post-work utopias. Life’s inevitable messiness is reflected in the looseness of her brushwork. While the work mainly deals with heavy and daunting issues, Serena aims for the work to always retain an uplifting sense of freedom, spontaneity and immediacy.