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Full Moon Magic (Heartbreak Ritual), 2020


Roses are red

and red is for whores and communists.

Red, like the blood stains I left on your sheets.

Red, for love, heartache and

the pain I feel in my heart as I think of you now.

Red is for the fury and rage that sparks riots and revolutions.

Red is for Oregon's skies filled with fire and smoke.

My grandmother wore a red wedding dress

because she was not a virgin, but an unabashed feminist.

And as her descendent, I promise to let go of my fears of "ending up alone".

I promise to resist relying on one person for my happiness

and to give my all to community.

to revolve my life around vulnerability, intimacy, and friendship.

I promise to always keep creating.

And as long as I have the sea to embrace and hold me, I no longer need you to.

Beach Bag Lady, 2020, 45 min. duration

A poem of movement, this piece is about my healing journey. I filled several beach bags with ocean water, which became extraordinarily heavy, and walked along my hometown's shoreline. My hometown where I was repeatedly traumatized (domestic violence, poverty, drug abuse, bullying). As I carried this excruciating weight, I poured some of the water out bit by bit, healing little by little as I went.

Song by Erykah Badu. I played it out loud on a speaker as I walked. 

Cum Clean, 2018 ongoing 

A series of ritualistic performances where I write abuse stories that I've collected on a wall and then ask members of the audience effected by abuse to help me destroy them by scrubbing them away, or painting them over in red. 

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Platonic Pile, 20 minute duration, 2019

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