Beach Bag Lady, 2020, 45 min. duration


I love performance because the meaning develops as times goes on. 

This piece is about my personal healing journey and the fight for freedom of mind and reality. I walk along my hometown's shoreline, my hometown where I faced many traumatic situations. As I walk, I pour some of the ocean water out, healing little by little as I go. Always continuing on while carrying the weight of the past. 

Song by Erykah Badu. I played it out loud on a speaker as I walked. 

Cum Clean, 2018 ongoing 

a series of ritualistic performances where I write abuse stories that I've collected on a wall and then ask members of the audience effected by abuse to help me destroy them by scrubbing them away, or painting them over in red. 

Platonic Pile, 20 minute duration, 2019

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