Beach Bag Lady, 2020, 45 min. duration


I resonate with performance art because as I move through it, the meaning shifts. 

This piece is about my healing journey. I walk along my hometown's shoreline; my hometown where I faced many traumatic situations. As I walk, I pour some of the ocean water out, healing little by little as I go. Always continuing on, while carrying the weight of the past. 

Song by Erykah Badu. I played it out loud on a speaker as I walked. 

Cum Clean, 2018 ongoing 

a series of ritualistic performances where I write abuse stories that I've collected on a wall and then ask members of the audience effected by abuse to help me destroy them by scrubbing them away, or painting them over in red. 

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Platonic Pile, 20 minute duration, 2019

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